The fifteenth session of the Sri Lanka Model United Nations (SLMUN) Conference was held at the BMICH Colombo on the 17 th and 18 th of September 2022. This year, the conference evolved from being a pure UN simulation to accommodating committees focally themed around discussing Sri Lanka and its economic and political future. At the centre of intense debate and resolution were the delegates from Gateway College, consolidating their winning streak further in the Model United Nations arena by winning 20 awards.

In the United Nations Special General Assembly (UNSGA), which debated mechanisms of strengthening accountability for nations that breach International Law, Abdul Aziz Fauzul Ameer clinched an Honorary Mention award, while Jithindu Atapaththu achieved a Higher Commendation award. In the World Health Organization (WHO), which contested means of mitigating the development of antimicrobial resistance, Senomee Hettiarachchi and Bihan Amarathunge secured Honorary mention awards and Isumi Wanniarachi received a Higher Commendation award. The Best Working Paper and the coveted Best Delegate awards were won by Dhivyakrishan Thriyampakan. In the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), which discussed the refugee crisis in Ukraine, Imra Rizvi claimed an Honorary Mention award, while the Higher Commendation award was attained by Joel Shankar.

In the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which discussed the HIPC initiative and long term impacts of debt dependency on HIPCs, Amraaz Azeem was awarded the Best Working Paper, while Yusuf Ali Barrie clinched the prestigious Best Delegate award. In the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which explored solutions to Russian aggression in East Europe the intensely fought Best Delegate award was awarded to Miteish Shankar. In the Futuristic Security Council (FSC), which debated reforms to the
Security Council in 2030, Vyshalini Rajendran obtained the Best Delegate award.

The latest committees pioneered by SLMUN, which dealt with reforms to the Sri Lankan Constitution as well as Reforms to the Sri Lankan economy, were also successfully dominated by the students of Gateway College. In the Constitutional reforms committee of the National Youth Assembly, Vakeesh Shanthirupan secured a Higher Commendation award, while the Best Speaker award was awarded to Anuk Ranaweera. In the Individual Commissions Reforms Committee (ICRC), the Best Speaker award was received by Aakash Govindan. In the National Youth Assembly (NYA), Suhrid Sadman Abrar secured an Honorary Mention award, Shimar Yasir Khan clinched the Best Working Paper award and the Best Speaker award.

MUN at Gateway College appears to only keep growing and improving, thanks to the Deputy Principals, Mr. Anthony Chelliah of Gateway College Dehiwala and Mrs. Nishotha Anuraj of Gateway College Colombo, as well as the Assistant Principal of Gateway College Negombo, Mrs. Ruwini Perera. 

Seated(L-R) Yusuf Ali Barrie, Miteish Shankar, Mr Anthony Chelliah (Deputy Principal), Dhivyakrishnan Thriyampakan, Dr. Harsha Alles (Director), Anuk Ranaweera, Mrs Nishotha Anuraj (Deputy Principal), Vyshalini Rajendran, Mrs Ruwini Perera (Assistant Principal), Shimar Yasir Khan
First Row(L-R) Isumi Waniarachi, Senomee Hettiarachchi, Imra Rizvi, Suhrid Sadman Abrar, Sharini Nirmalan, Joel Shankar, Bihan Amarathunge, Abdul Aziz Fauzul Ameer, Jithindu Athapaththu, Amraaz Azeem, Aakash Govindan, Vakeesh Shanthirupan