• Health & Science – BTEC in Sport at OL & AL
  • Sustainable Construction and Engineering – BTEC in Engineering at OL
  • Creative Digital Technologies – BTEC in Music at OL
                                                       Drama (LAMDA) at OL & AL

 Further to the robust academic exposure that is provided, Gateway Colleges have created learning pathways that support the learners’ academic ability and vocational interest, delivering increasingly focused global vocational programmes to prepare students for the careers of tomorrow.

To meet this end, three verticals have been set up to respond to the local and global career and skills opportunities. Through this initiative, students will have the opportunity to add a vocational programme to their broad mix of academic subjects. 

The objectives of this initiative are: 

  • Preparing students with Future Skills so that they succeed in the world of work
  • To provide a blended curriculum – academic excellence with global and local vocational sector skills
  • Provide opportunities for every student to reach their highest potential
  • Consistently benchmark world-class educational systems to build best practices 


Health & Science 

During their O Level years, Gateway students have the opportunity to do the BTEC Level 2 Certificate in Sport. In this subject, students learn about physical fitness in relation to performance excellence in sports. Students will also be able to sharpen their organisational and managerial skills, record keeping skills and academic writing skills through the study of BTEC in Sport while also acquiring the knowledge to plan and execute a sports event and an expedition experience. 

At A Level, Gateway offers the Pearson BTEC International Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Sport which is equivalent to 1.5 A level subjects. Students with an interest to pursue sports education in health and fitness, coaching, sports business and facilities management across all sports will benefit from this programme as it provides the opportunity to gain a broad understanding of the sport and leisure industry. 


Sustainable Construction and Engineering 

BTEC Level 2 in Engineering is a course that appeals to those students who aspire towards careers in STEM related fields. This qualification is designed so that students gain hands on experience in working safely in an Engineering environment, developing design thinking to come up with Engineering solutions and to gain practical exposure to different aspects in the field of Engineering.

All Gateway schools have an Innovation Studio where the lessons are delivered. Field visits to places such as German Tech are also incorporated whenever possible. 


Creative Digital Technologies 

Pearson BTEC International Level 2 Award in Music is a subject offered for O level students which covers not only music performance but composition and digital production as well.  This qualification, with its strong emphasis on Music Technology, is designed to support learners who wish to explore the music sector through applied learning. 

Gateway students will study four main aspects: Performing; Composing; DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) Production; and Planning, developing and promoting a music product in response to a brief in a very practical and hands-on manner. Gateway College has just set up a state-of-the-art Music Studio to facilitate hands-on training. 

Gateway College also offers the LAMDA Medal Examinations along with International GCSEs and Trinity College London Performing Diplomas along with ALs for students interested in Drama and the Performing Arts. 

The LAMDA curriculum followed at O Level, exposes students to interpretative and technical skills as well as to knowledge of the techniques behind the dramatic process. Through this course of study students are encouraged to build skills in voice and articulation as well as public speaking and performance. They will also learn to think and interpret imaginatively and creatively while learning to communicate ideas to develop as effective independent learners. 

During their A Level years, students have the opportunity to take the ATCL Diplomas in Performing (Speech & Drama) and Performing (Performance Arts) which are awarded by Trinity College London. These diplomas enable students to develop a deep understanding of the principles and practice of vocal and physical skills, characterisation and audience engagement through the preparation and presentation of a range of performance material. The course also incorporates contextual awareness and knowledge of technical skills through reflection on their own performing and presenting experiences.