Vision & Mission


Energize, Enlighten, Empower.

Our vision is to Energize individuals with healthy body and Enlighten them with healthy mind to Empower one and all to be good citizens.



Adding Value 

  • Create an educational environment which naturally drive towards value addition at school as well as at home.
  • Create a culture that consistently enhances one’s spiritual, moral, physical, emotional and intellectual development.
  • Opportunities for all to reach the highest potential in their respective areas of interest, through value enrichment.

Towards good citizenship 

  • Sense of belonging
  • Sharing and caring
  • Confidence, commitment and honesty
  • Mutual trust and respect  

Education for tomorrow 

  • Consistently benchmark world-class educational systems to build best practices
  • Facilitate an open environment to encourage innovative and creative thinking
  • Provide the best facilities and resources to meet tomorrow’s needs.
  • Create a research-oriented atmosphere
  • Recognise and reward individual innovation
  • Prudent risk taking.
  • Promote life long learning  

Team spirit 

  • Being innovative and first to set standards
  • Speed of action
  • Determination to get things done
  • All are identified with success
  • Open mind and a winning attitude
  • Adaptable to change