See My Story - Apsara Tennakoon

My years at GCK were nothing short of a transformation; a transformation for the better. This lovely place has been my second home, home to my extended family of committed teachers and slightly crazy classmates and that at this prestigious institution, my entire life took shape.

It has been said that one who loves his alma mater will always ask not "what can she do for me?" but rather, "what can I do for her?" Selfless and benevolent as GCK is, it only asked what it could do for us. Its teachers worked tirelessly to finish syllabi ahead of time, allowing me to face my exams with the utmost confidence and minimum of private tuition. Its management granted me a full scholarship following my performance at the 2010 IGCSEs (I secured 11 A*s and an A, and won three world prizes for English Literature, Physics, and Geography). It only felt right that I gave it something in return, which I did, in the form of five A’s at AS Level.

Gateway believes in moulding well-rounded individuals who will succeed in surmounting the formidable challenges of the modern world. It offers its students multiple opportunities to develop essential soft skills; as a senior prefect of the school, I have been able to enhance such skills, which truly helped me elevate my self-esteem while giving me a fresh perspective in understanding and evaluating interpersonal relationships. Gateway also encourages its students to actively participate in extracurricular activities from sports to music and drama to charity work.

I may call my desire to study astronomy a lifetime obsession. Long before (and ever since) we had reduced the brightness of a star to a crisp equation and talked about parallel universes in class, stars and the cosmos have held me in awe, and it is in this field that I dreamt my future would lie. While at one point, pursuing a career in this field seemed unrealistic and farfetched, Gateway made me realise that nothing was impossible; the sky (the universe, rather!) wasliterally within our limit. Most recently I was awarded a full academic scholarship by the University of Hong Kong, ranked the best in Asia, to pursue my dream, and I am grateful to Dr Harsha Alles for his recommendation, his unwavering faith and his tireless efforts at making it possible.

A journey of ten years at Gateway, practically ‘from foundation to graduation’, has given me some awesome memories (courtesy of my fellow students and the opportunities Gateway strives to create), and a terrific future to look forward to. I can see the road ahead, and it would be an understatement to say that with all the avenues Gateway has opened for me, it all looks good from here.

An international school in a Sri Lankan environment, GCK’s success in cultivating a strong sense of belonging and fraternity manifests itself in the immense pride we have in calling it ‘home’. I am, and will forever be, a proud member of the Gateway family.