See My Story - Ravindu Bandara

The Interact Club is a unique program initiated by the Rotary International, to provide opportunities for young people to work together in fellowship, dedicated to service and international understanding . Being an Interactor, I was able to forge and develop many networks and friendships but most importantly it taught me to be a socially responsible citizen. Organizing and carrying out various projects helped me to cultivate leadership, personal integrity, public speaking and numerous other soft skills.

I started my service as an Interactor at President’s College, Rajagiriya, leading up to be the President of the Club. However after completing my Ordinary Level examinations, I was presented with the difficult task of transferring to an International School to pursue my higher studies in the London Stream. Many thoughts ran wild through my mind with this decision I had to take.

“Will I be able to cope with this new type of environment?”
“I did Sinhala medium thus far, won’t the change to English Medium be difficult?”
“Making new friends…..”
And above all: “What about Interact?”

Amidst all these worries, I decided to enroll for the Conversion Course at Gateway College Colombo and subsequently decided to continue my higher studies at Gateway. The Conversion Course was an excellent orientation program which greatly helped me to adapt to the new environment within days. I fake watches no longer felt nervous because I understood that Gateway is an “International School in a truly Sri Lankan environment”. The teachers were extremely helpful and gave extra attention whenever I had difficulties understanding certain subject matters. Speaking about friends….well let’s just say that they are not friends, rather family, the Gateway family who welcomed me whole heartedly.


As for Interact which was my passion, The Gateway College Interact Club was highly cooperative and was appreciative of my status as an ex officio member, regardless of the fact that I joined College recently. During my AS year I was requested by swiss replica watches the Interact District Committee, to be a member of the Committee. Hence the College club members motivated me to aspire even further and nominated me to be the District Interact Representative for 2012/2013. This nomination was endorsed by the Directorate and they became a pillar of strength and supported me throughout the election process.


As a result, I managed to reach the pinnacle any IWC Replica Interactor would dream to reach for. I was elected as the District Interact Representative at the 21st Interact District Conference organized jointly by the Interact Clubs of Gateway College, Ananda College, St. Peter’s College and Trinity College Kandy.


What I learned from this whole process is that Gateway appreciates you for who you are, and rewards you accordingly. This sentiment of mine was further strengthened when I was given the responsibility to be the Editor in the Senior Prefect’s Guild even though it was barely 2 replica rolex buy years after joining the College. It is an ideal school for those who strive to strike a balance between good education and co-curricular activities.


Ultimately Gateway College has not only provided answers to the questions I had, Replica Rolex Swiss but provided me with further opportunities to “grow through life”. For that I express my heartfelt gratitude always and at all times.