See My Story - Chanu Gunasekara

“Success is not a destination, but a journey.”

Thanks to Gateway and a number of unforgettable individuals, I can certainly say I have travelled the first few miles in my journey to success. The most valuable achievement I’ve made in my life so far, was getting 10A*’s and 2A’s at IGCSE and being awarded a scholarship for getting the best results at Gateway College Colombo. Gateway was my first school and my last, and there’s not a moment that I regret being part of this amazing family.

English was and still is my favourite subject, and getting the highest marks for English at Key Stage 3 made me feel that this was my subject and maybe that’s the reason I ended up getting the English and English Literature prizes for IGCSE at school. Gateway helped me to discover my passion and my talents. The potential I had within me was brought out, and support and good advice was always available from my dear teachers and the directorate.

A few years back, Mr.Kodikara, my Principal, called me and my parents along with Mrs. Eranga (my teacher-in-charge) and told me to write down my ambitions and goals and hang them in a place that I would see them frequently. And so went up 2 posters on the wall, above the TV, saying “I will become a Doctor” and “I will get 11A*s for my IGCSE.” But then I ignored one part of his advice, which I wish I didn’t and that was to study at least 3 hours every day and set up a study timetable.

But the point of significance is that in Gateway, from the directorate to the teachers to the support staff, everybody cares about each other. That’s the difference that helps all of us to go a long way in life. By laying the proper foundation into our lives, we are able to choose the correct path to take in life. We have a student counselor, and a career guidance counselor, who puts their utmost to help us in terms of education or personal issues.

IGCSE was definitely the best time of my life. I had an amazing set of teachers and friends without whose influence none of this would have been possible. While getting ready for the exam, I took part in various activities like being part of the Senior Choir and playing Badminton. It was this freedom and motivation that we got from school to do extra-curricular activities that made studying seem less stressful and challenging. Listening intensely in class, and doing a few past papers during the last few years did the trick for me!

“How are they in class? Putha is there anything you need from our side to be done?” are the usual inquiries Mr. R. I. T. Alles made when he made his frequent visits to each and every one of our classes. Despite everything around him, his never-fading smile and that feeling of love and concern motivated me to do my best, because I felt that I could not led down that smile. I also want to thank my parents who stayed up till late in the night, though they had to go to work the next day and though it was me who did the studying, to simply to give me support.

Making this achievement at IGCSE has changed my life a lot, in a positive way. But that positive change was possible because of all the support, love and guidance I received during my preparation for the exam. Once again, I want to thank everybody who supported me and end my story by saying “Work hard and try to bring out your maximum potential. Though it may be a bit difficult at the start, the benefits and the satisfaction you’ll receive afterwards will make it all seem worth the while!”