See My Story - Dilshan Kobbekaduwa

I'm Dilshan Kobbekaduwa and I'm 31 years old. I am the son of the late Lt. Gen. Denzil Kobbekaduwa, who I miss dearly!! He always wanted me to learn new things and would be very proud to see how I have progressed in my computer class and in life.

My classes at Gateway Kids School of Computing is on every Wednesday and it is one class I really look forward to and never miss. I look forward to it every week and always ask my mother to make sure that the car is available for me to go on time. I joined Gateway in 1997, as I was keen to learn about computers. My teacher/teachers at Gateway are cool!! I really like them and they guide me and teach me many things. I have learnt to type, send e-mails, down load pictures and even access face book!

One of my hobbies is to write telephone numbers and email addresses of family members, friends and new people I meet. So I ask my teacher to help me to write to close friends and wish them for their birthdays by e-mail. She is always very kind and patient with me.

Everyone at Gateway has always made me feel very welcome and never treat me any different to other students, if at all they make me feel very special! When I am at my class at Gateway, I never feel the time passing and enjoy it very much.

I wish to end my story by saying a BIG thank you to everyone at Gateway!!