See My Story -Sapna Seneviratne

Last year, I applied to Gateway to do my Edexcel Diploma in Teacher Training. Before this, I was trying hard to find a teacher training course that was recognized. After much searching I am glad I finally found this course. Following the course has given me so much confidence. I now feel like I actually have something of value to give back to my students. The course is well structured and addresses many aspects of teaching in Sri Lanka.

I moved to Sri Lanka from India five years ago. Though I had earned a Master’s degree in India, I felt that a teaching qualification is important to be a teacher. I worked as a teacher in an international school for a short period before taking up this course. While working there, I realized the magnitude of my responsibilities. I realized that my actions affect many young lives, so I felt that I needed more preparation. This course has truly made me love this profession and I feel I will make a very good teacher.

The course gives you many opportunities for practical training as well. Since I was not working currently, I was given the opportunity to teach at Gateway Graduate School as part of my practical training. I am very grateful for this opportunity, as I believe I would not have had this exposure in any other institution. Since teaching here, I have met many dedicated professionals at Gateway and I feel proud to be a part of them.

Having two kids and trying to follow a course can sometimes be difficult. However, at Gateway they recognize the difficulties in balancing other commitments and studies and they have been very flexible. The flexibility they offer is unmatched. Whether it is doing assignments or attending classes, we always manage to complete our work. All material is made available online, so on days that I cannot make it, I can go through what I have missed for the day, and hence I am always up to date.
I am now excited about completing this course and using all the knowledge I have gained to better the learning experience of my students. Thank you Gateway for giving me this opportunity.