See My Story - Nishan Srishankar

My parents allowed me to choose the school where I would be studying for the next thirteen years of my life. As a four-year old I didn’t know the significance of my actions, but I selected Gateway International School (as it was then known). I’m not quite sure why; maybe it was hindsight or maybe fate but one thing that I am certain of now, is that it was the best decision I have made in my life.

School life is truly what people say it to be: memorable and school was my first home. My teachers were top-notch, not only were they the best in the classroom, but they were also prepared to wait after-school to clarify any doubts that I got from the subject matter.

The motto of my University is “Lehr und Kunst” which is German for “Theory and Practice”. Gateway College also enforces this policy. We always had the best professors, the best and updated teaching material as well as practice papers and revision guides. One best example, was Mr. Rupasiri who was my Math and Further Math teacher for two years, though our examinations were by the Edexcel Board, he made us do practice papers in three other harder examination boards. This was done not only during class hours (once the syllabus was over), but also during our vacations, and though would be seen as a very rigorous system, was extremely useful when sitting for the exam. Mr. Rupasiri is just one example of many in Gateway College, and this I’m positive would show the dedication of all the teachers in Gateway towards her students.

Additionally, we also had practical laboratory experiences, which in turn reinforce the theory matter learnt. The co-existence of theory and practice, in academics as well as the multitudes of extra-curricular activities present at Gateway, would not only ensure students develop intellectually, but also to become a well-rounded individual in society.

This constant care allowed me to perform at my full potential. Since Grade Three, I obtained the class prize for the Best Average, culminating in me becoming the Valedictorian of the graduating class of 2011 and also getting the Edexcel Challenge Trophy for 2011. Furthermore, I also got the best Academic Results in the IGCSE Examinations (11 A*’s and 1 A) which was the first in Gateway College, additionally, I was awarded World Prizes for Physics and Chemistry. I also got the best Academic Results in the GCE A/Level Examinations of 5A*’s.

The quality of education in Gateway College is non-par, and Gateway recognizes achievements: even though I was one of the youngest in my batch, Madam Rohini Alles wanted to offer me a Double Promotion in Grade Three (to Grade Five), however my father declined saying that I would be very much younger than my would-be peers and so would feel out of place.

Currently, at WPI I am a member of the Dean’s List of the Class of 2015, a Charles O. Thompson Scholar and a member of the Sophomore Class Board and a member of three additional organizations. I am definite that the cause of this, is the 13 years of school-life at Gateway College. Gateway helped me establish my roots and brought me to where I currently am.

I will always cherish my school years at Gateway College. Gateway proved that school years and indeed the best years of one’s life.