Gateway School of Computing

Gateway Kids School of Computing and Gateway Centre for Information Technology will celebrate the 20th Anniversary by joining hands to be one entity – Gateway School of Computing. With the commitment to be innovative and first to set standards, Gateway School of Computing will introduce four state-of-the-art programmes in January 2017. The new entity, will thus continue its legacy, to champion the Computing and Information Technology training industry.

Products and Services

Computer Pioneers

Make your child “future ready” through Computer Pioneers - Our comprehensive computing programme for children


STEM fields of study will impact every component of our lives in the future. Learn Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics with hands-on activities.
Age 8+ to 14+ yrs
ROBOTICS is the branch of science that includes mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science and others. The programme fosters creativity and innovation.
Age 7+ to 11 yrs
Learn programming concepts, animation techniques and build your own computer games with Scratch.
Age 7+ to 14+ yrs
CODING stimulates computational thinking and develop programming skills.
Age 6+ to 14+ yrs