Dr. Harsha Alles is the Chairman of the Gateway Group of Organisations. By profession Dr. Alles is a medical Doctor with M.B.,B.S. and a Ph.D. He was a lecturer in the Medical Faculty of the University of Colombo before he shifted his career to be in charge of Gateway. He has won two “Young Scientists Scholarship” awards. In 2000, he was recognized as “The Outstanding Young Person of the Year” for the contribution he made towards IT education of children. In 2003 he was adjudged the Gold Winner of the CIMA Pinnacle awards to be the “Outstanding Businessman of the Year”. Dr Alles is also the Chairman of The International Schools of Sri Lanka (TISSL), which is the Chamber Association comprising of 24 leading International Schools in Sri Lanka.

Dr. Alles has been a part of Gateway from its very inception. He has been responsible for Gateway’s expansion drive both locally and internationally. He has been largely responsible for Gateway’s transformation from humble beginnings to where it is now. Dr. Alles’ vision for Gateway is to continue its remarkable growth safeguarding and continuing the values of the Founder of Gateway, late Mr. R.I.T.Alles.

Message by Dr. Harsha Alles

I shall carry out my task as Janus like, by looking back and forward simultaneously, looking back to keep alive the enriching culture and values our Founding Father has laid for this great institution, and looking forward to the vistas in the far horizon towards making Gateway, the organization that makes one and all live their dreams.


With a blend of almost five decades of teaching, with almost half of it with school administrative experience, Mrs. Alles oversees many administrative aspects of the organisation. Mrs. Alles is a former teacher of Royal College, Colombo and the founder Deputy Principal of President's College.

Mrs. Alles played a decisive role in the establishment of Gateway, especially in instituting the Primary School. Having been a strength to the Founder during the formative years of the organization, Mrs. Alles continues to play an important leadership role.

Message by Mrs. Rohini Alles

"In a co-educational institution with a religious and cultural mix, one would expect to have many challenges. To us, these challenges are small because we confront them and not evade them. I am a believer that the word 'impossible', is often just an excuse we make for ourselves. Real service cannot be bought or measured with money. Let's remember these thoughts in making Gateway the beacon light for our children."


Mrs. Dinali Alles counts over 20 years of teaching experience, with specialization in English. She has made an invaluable contribution towards strengthening of the teaching and learning process of the Gateway Primary Schools.

Message by Mrs. Dinali Alles

"Being among loving and cheerful children at Gateway has truly fulfilled my life. My stay so far at Gateway has been pleasant and rewarding and I look forward to work together and work for one another to take Gateway to further heights. I am a believer that the greatest gift I can give another is the purity of my attention."


Mr. Asoka B. Herath counts over 50 years of experience in education as a Teacher, Deputy Principal and a Principal. Prior to joining Gateway, he served in four prestigious schools; the longest period of service being at Dharmaraja College, Kandy where he served for over thirty years. In February 2001, he retired as the Principal of Dharmaraja College to assume duties as the Headmaster of Gateway College, Kandy. Prior to his appointment as the Principal of Dharmaraja College, he had been the Principal of St. Sylvester’s College, Kandy too.

Mr. Herath has played a decisive role in the growth of Gateway College Kandy. Having joined the organization when the school was located in a rented premises in Anniewatte, Mr. Herath has been a part of both infrastructure and qualitative growth that has made Gateway Kandy the much sought after school that it is, today.In July 2013, Mr. Herath was elevated to the position of Director of Gateway.

Message by Mr. Asoka Herath

“My time at Gateway has truly been the crown and climax of a long and varied career in education. The fresh and vigorous atmosphere at Gateway, inspired by our Founding Father and great Guru Mr. R.I.T Alles, its unique and fertile blend of the best of the East & West, Its rare simultaneous awareness of tradition, today, and the future, and above all, its nurturing blend of down-to-earth practicality and warm human love has made work at Gateway a true labour of love ; and to be a part of its spectacular growth to national eminence in the field of education, a deeply – satisfying experience.”